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Industrial Scan, Inc., established in 1991, designs, manufactures, and distributes CCD Camera and laser based bar code scanning equipment for the automatic identification and data capture industries. ISI has the most complete range of fixed mount line scanners in the industry. Each scanner can be Customized in both hardware and software for your specific application. Located in Sanford, Florida, ISI offers a comprehensive line of fixed beam and high speed moving beam line scanners. These products have been sold and installed around the world and are known for their ruggedness and reliability. 

  • Compact Bar Code Reader with Integrated Decoder
         Model 110
  • Scan Head Interface Decoder
         Model 150
  • High Speed Line Scanners with Integrated Decoder
         Model 300     Model 400R   
    Model 400LR
  • Fixed Beam Scanner with External Decoder
         Model 600
  • CCD Video Decoder
         Model 1000
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) with Decoder
         Model 2000 AVI
  • Special Modifications or Custom Designs

With an engineering staff that can trace its roots in the scanning industry back to the early 70’s, ISI specializes in custom designs and modifications for the most difficult scanning and data capture applications in the Automatic Vehicle Identification, High Speed Bar Code Verification, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Clinical Instrumentation, and Nuclear Material Processing markets.

For state of the art scanning solutions, ISI can provide a product to fit your requirements. 

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