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Industrial Scan, Inc. designs custom scanners for special applications, as well as offering a broad line of standard products.
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Model 1000 CCD Camera Decoder


Model 400 Long Range


Model 300

Model 110

Model 2000 AVI

Model 2000 AVI 

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Model 400 Raster

Model 150 Decoder

P r o d u c t   O v e r v i e w

All barcode scanners do the same thing:

  • collect light reflected from a barcode
  • digitize the analog signal
  • process it through software algorithms
  • convert it to meaningful data

When a scanner performs effectively, its speed, size, processing throughput, flexibility, and cost determines value for the user.

ISI specializes in Laser and CCD Camera technologies that optimize the collection of reflected light into a signal that is processed effectively. Our fixed-mount scanners are engineered with two primary design principles in mind:

  • Develop and utilize advanced technologies
  • Provide the best price/performance value

In-field changes from flash memory and programmable firmware: Flash memory means your ISI scanner does not have to be returned to the factory for software upgrades, changes in application or configuration. Simple firmware menus lets you easily change your ISI scanner’s gate parameters, symbologies, communications, transmission buffers, laser tracking, etc.

Variable control of the motor speed: This allows for maximum data collection, based on the quality of the barcode label and the speed of your application. ISI products feature long-life brushless motors with oversized optical components to work at minimum loads.

Oversized optics that maximize light collection: Oversized gold-plated aluminum mirrors with extra-large facets, diamond-machined to eliminate spot distortion-maximize light collection and improve the reflective gradient, raising the decoding performance threshold.

Dynamic AGC (automatic gain control): All ISI units feature dynamic gain control circuits to optimize extended depth of field. 

NEMA 12 sealing for protection against EMI and RFI: All ISI scanners feature rugged extruded aluminum cases, gasketed and sealed against extreme environments. Your ISI scanner’s performance will not be degraded by contaminates or signal interference.

Direct memory access and highest data throughput: ISI scanners process every scan and provide the highest rate of data throughput, thanks to a firmware buffer that stores up to 16k bytes of data, assuring that no information is lost. No other high-speed scanner offers true real-time decoding. Most others drop scans along the way, missing potentially good data and effectively lowering the actual scan speed.

All ISI Scanners have numerous standard features that enhance their price/performance advantages to users: 

  • NEMA 12 rating for protection in harsh environments; optional upgrade to NEMA 4
  • 200-1000 scans per second, depending on application and speed requirements.
  • Two inputs (standard trigger plus one for external match code without accessing menus)
  • Four outputs (to check systems status or drive peripheral equipment)
  • Extended depth of field from oversized coaxial optics for both sending and receiving
  • Direct-memory access stores up to 16k of data, permitting every scan to be processed.


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